Hole by Hole

Heworth 11.jpg

Hole 1
A friendly short Par 4 opening hole through an avenue of trees to a generous fairway which is partly shared with the 18th. However, an accurate tee shot is required to allow a clear second shot into a small well protected green with three greenside bunkers.
Players on this hole should give way to those coming down the 9th and 18th holes.


Hole 2

A difficult tree lined Par 3 for all golfing abilities. At over 200 yards it is a demanding golf hole, with a narrow green protected by greenside bunkers at either side. Plenty of mature trees provide an attractive backdrop to the hole.


Hole 3

A good Par 4 with a wide fairway for the drive but which gradually narrows as the hole develops.  An undulating fairway nearer the green makes the approach shot difficult and any misses to the left or right hand side makes for a tricky up and down.


Hole 4

A short but difficult Par 4 as you play a blind tee shot over a small ridge to a narrow tree lined fairway. Any drive not on the fairway will probably be blocked out by the trees making your mid to shorter iron approach very difficult. Two large bunkers protect the entrance to the green.


Hole 5

A demanding tee shot to the fairway which is protected by obstacles - a water hazard running across the fairway and trees which cut in on the left. Position is the key to set up an approach shot to this elevated green but be careful not to miss the green to the left as it quickly falls away into the rough


Hole 6

A strong Par 4 which is demanding for golfers of all abilities. A very undulating fairway which falls into a large hollow means that even a good tee shot will find a difficult lie. On your approach to the green a water hazard runs diagonally across the fairway. The green is slightly elevated from front to back with a green side bunker on the left hand side.


Hole 7

Again another strong Par 4 hole being well over 440 yards. A good shot off the tee is required as you must carry both a pond and area of rough before you reach the fairway. A ditch running down the right hand side of the fairway will catch any wayward drives. A banked area to the right of the green and a large grass bunker to the left make the approach shop very difficult.


Hole 8

A pretty Par 3 with a double McKenzie green. You play slightly diagonally from the tee to the back elevation with trees protecting the back of the green and a small grass bunker to the right. However, your troubles start when you are on the green with many undulations making most putts difficult.  


Hole 9

A very strong Par 4, over 450 yards but the hole does have a generous fairway. Both sides of the fairway are tree lined which gives the appearance of it gradually getting narrower. Not many golfers reach the large green protected by two green side bunkers in two shots.


Hole 10

A very demanding Par 3 at over 220 yards. You play down to a heavily guarded green with two bunkers on the left hand side and an additional greenside bunker on the right. Beware of the pond on the right of the fairway as it may catch a poor shot.


Hole 11

A dog leg Par 4 running from left to right. Position is the key playing over a large gorse bush from the tee down the avenues of trees onto the fairway. The water hazard of the pond on the right comes into play at only 150 yards from the green. As you approach this green it slopes strongly from back to front with many shots coming up short. Again greenside bunkers protect this area on both sides of the putting surface. Beware of being too long as shots over the fence at the back of the green are out of bounds


Hole 12

A good Par 4 with a generous fairway which gets gradually narrower as the hole develops. An undulating fairway can make for a tough second shot. The small green is a tough target – missing it left or right makes for a difficult up and down.


Hole 13

A narrow tree lined fairway calls for a straight tee shot. The second shot to the green can be difficult to stop whilst running the ball onto the green is tricky as the narrow entrance to the green is protected by two greenside bunkers.


Hole 14

Playing from an elevated tee, this dog leg runs from right to left. The ditch across the hole may easily trap poor tee shots. Approach shots to this elevated green are difficult as the green falls away sharply on the left hand side. Many second shots fall short into the bowl short of the green


Hole 15

A good Par 4. Many tee shots may be trapped by the moulds from the old tramways on the left and right hand sides. A ditch short of the green and a narrow uneven fairway can easily catch out a poor approach shot to the elevated green.


Hole 16

The most demanding tee shot on the course played from an elevated teeing area driving over a large pond. The hole is a strong dog leg right to left with a large copse of trees on the left hand side. The elongated undulating green is flanked on the left hand side by a sunken area that can prove difficult to escape accurately.

Hole 17

Another great Par 3 hole. You play to the lowest level at the McKenzie green which can be a slightly blind shot. The green is protected by four bunkers – two on the right and two immediately in front of the green. It is always better to be long rather than short.

Hole 18

The only Par 5 hole on the course and at over 500 yards. A long straight tee shot is required as it is a genuine three shot par five. The fairway is protected with many mature trees. On your approach to the green there are many undulations which makes the shot more difficult. A very large green with protection by large sand traps on both the left and right hand sides.