If you would like to become a member of Heworth Golf Club we offer a number of membership categories for you to consider. Membership is available across all the categories listed below and there is no joining fee.

For NEW MEMBERS joining in 2020 there are a number of offers, see below

Membership Subscriptions - 2020


(includes English Golf Union affiliation fees)

Lockers attract an additional fee of £20 per annum

Please note - there is no joining fee

To take advantage of the current offers or if you have any questions about membership please contact the Secretary (Kevin Dwyer) on 01904 426156 or via email at

New Members

Join in June £350, July £300

The above prices are to the end of 2020

You will also receive a 30% discount on your 2021 membership

Joining after July 2020

If you join in any month after July 2020 as a full member, five day member or as a CASC member your first year of membership will attract a discount of 30% on the 2020 rates and your second full year rate in 2021.

New members pay only for the number of full months until the end of December.


So if you were to join anytime in August - August would be free and you pay only for September-December


The discounted rate for full membership is £40 per month + EGU fee £14.


Therefore, the total amount payable would be;

               £40 x 4 months + £14 = £174

Membership Form

For a membership form contact the Secretary (Kevin Dwyer) on 01904 426156 via email at or you can download it below

Membership application form - download pdf here:

Juniors - if either parent is a member of the club an additional form needs completing - download pdf here:

Nine Hole Membership


We offer a nine hole membership which allows for play on holes 1-9 Monday-Friday.  The discounted rate for this category is £420 and if one joins part way through the year then a fee of £35 for each full month to the year end is payable.  No other discounts advertised on this page are applicable to this category. 


There is limited capacity in this membership category so be sure to apply early


Up to 16 years £50....17-18 years £86....19-21 years £164


22-25 years £334....26-30 years £518

Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)


As a Community Amateur Sports Club we offer a range of affordable memberships for both new and existing members.  Full membership is available for £470 per annum for anyone who finds the current membership options unaffordable.  Please speak to our Secretary who will discuss the options and criteria with you, in confidence, and find a suitable solution for you.

Joint Membership


This membership is available to two related adults plus up to two juniors if required - the EGU affiliation fee will be payable for each additional junior on top of the fee quoted below


The membership fee is £1,024 per annum which represents about a 27% discount. Importantly this discount is available permanently


This category of membership is available to related adults where either both or only one adult is new to the club

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